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Our Nursery Day

IMG 8871Our large and stimulating room is filled with children's brightly decorated displays showing planned and child centred themes and topics.

Through group time and circle times we allow the children to talk freely about their experiences which we then encourage them to develop through art and crafts, imaginative and constructive play. The children have access to everyday technology including their own PC, digital camera and tape/CD player.  We operate at a high staff:child ratio enabling our experienced, long serving staff  to get to know each child as an individual and ensure that each child’s developmental needs and interests are met. We ensure that each day at nursery is an adventure offering a variety of arts, crafts, baking, music, dance and drama as well as each child having an opportunity to work one-to-one on numeracy and literacy projects.

Parents are provided with a daily report so parents know how their child’s day at nursery has been. The children also have their Learning Stories that can be shared with parent’s which is a record of each child’s nursery journey. We hold parent’s evening twice a year, when parent’s can discuss their child’s development and be involved in the formulation of the children’s learning and activity programmes. We have an open door policy so parent’s are welcome into the nursery anytime, whether it is to discuss your child’s progress or to come and join in the fun.  We welcome parent involvement and have a parent committee and regularly send out questionnaires to involve parent’s in the nursery development.

The Curriculum

At Camperdown we follow the national curriculums. Curriculum for Excellence for our 3-5 years olds and pre-birth-3 for our 2-3 year olds. These are primarily play based and response based curriculums on which we base our activity planning in the nursery. At Camperdown we specifically focus on literacy, numeracy and health and well-being. When children first join Camperdown many of their learning outcomes are achieved through play. As the child moves towards their final year (pre-school ear) we start to deliver more focussed learning. The children spend time in learning groups and on a one to one basis to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to give them a good base for when they leave us to join school.

Snacks & Lunches

The nursery will provide morning and afternoon snacks for your child. Served on  a rotating menu basis our healthy snacks can consist of anything from toast, fruit and vegetables to sampling home baking the children have done that day. For children who attend nursery over the lunch period, parents are asked to provide a packed lunch.

  • Large, inviting, well-structured room
  • 1:5 staff/child ratio
  • Patient, knowledgeable, approachable staff
  • Reading, writing and numbers
  • Arts, crafts and cookery
  • Music, dance and drama
  • First-hand experiences